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'I invested in Eleana's Dolphins & Whales—A New Earth MP3 package a week before I traveled to Costa Rica to swim with free dolphins and whales in the wild. I had heard Eleana's transmissions on interview shows and respected her experiences of dolphins and whales through wild encounters, in combination with perceiving their energetic, luminous aspects. I wanted to prepare for my trip by attuning my heart to the experience I would have. The recordings did that and more. They helped open me up to the fullness of witnessing whales with their newborn babies and also a superpod of dolphins. When I returned home, I listened to all the recordings again to reconnect with the energy. The pure, wise, heartfelt beauty of the downloads goes right to my heart and still has the power to bring me to joyful tears. Eleana appreciates and fully expresses the uniqueness of each species she brings through to interact with you. For those who for right now are swimming in the seas of their imagination, Eleana captures the exact feeling and will take you right there to a deep sense of love for yourself and for this New Earth.' Laura, Animal Communicator, USA.

Past Events

Home to the Heart - Dolphins & Whales

Lauren Galey May 2017 LISTEN NOW

Dolphins & Whales - A New Earth

Judy Anderson May 2018

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