Dolphin & Whale  Energy Activations


& Joy

with Eleana Oceanheart


& Connection

Are the Dolphins & Whales calling you?

Let me be your guide on an oceanic adventure

into beauty, love and magic

All from the comfort of your home!

Let our journey begin!

  • Receive Dolphin & Whale Sonic Healing

  • Activate Dolphin & Whale Consciousness

  • Open your heart to a greater flow of Love

  • Awaken a sense of joy and play 

  • Explore Lemurian and Atlantean connections

  • Bring fluidity and flow into your daily life

  • Connect with different species of Dolphins & Whales


With great gentleness and love Eleana guides you into your Heart and through voice and sound transmits the loving energies of the Dolphins & Whales.  Eleana has the amazing ability to connect with different species of Cetaceans across the World as well as higher dimensional Dolphins and Whales. She will introduce you to her friends and allies, each with their own energy signature and gift. For example the blessed Humpback Whale takes us deeply into stillness, grounding us in our "I am" presence and the experience of deep peace. The higher dimensional energies of the Crystalline Dolphin tends to our “energy bodies” assisting us in anchoring our light bodies.  Recently the presence of Migaloo, the albino Humpback Whale, whose presence is said to herald The Golden Age is a regular visitor to the session, gracing us with his pure light.    

These sessions are an opportunity to receive the loving energies of the Dolphins and Whales. They take the form of direct Energy Transmissions. Eleana will assist you in integrating these energies throughout your body, enabling you to fully anchor Dolphin & Whale Consciousness into your daily life. With a background in Bodywork and Energy Medicine Eleana works with great sensativity and awareness. Sessions take place on-line from Eleana's home next to the sea, a sacred place where she is in constant communion with the Dolphins and Whales. Let the Dolphins and Whales assist you move into the Joy, Magic and Radiance of New Earth.

Spinner Dolphins

Dolphin & Whale Energy Activation Sessions

with Eleana Oceanheart

Praise from Dolphin Souls

I want to tell you and the Dolphins and Whales, (((((((Thank You))))))). I have been having the most wonder-filled times since we connected, seeing them, feeling them, loving them.  As I drink, I see the Cetaceans and feel the smooth, clear waters holding me.  Enfolding me as I become fully aware of what it is to Be Dolphin in the refreshing waters and in the glorious energy that is of the ‘higher’ realms. HOME. 

Valerie, CA, USA

What a blessing it was and is having this session with you. I had the best Sleep yesterday that I ever remember. I called for the Dolphin’s Energies, they came right away and it was absolutely amazingly beautiful, the smile stayed on my face until I fell asleep. WOW. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel I can allow myself just to be. I remember the sounds that were coming through you and they still warm my heart. I could listen to those sounds over and over and I will keep them in my heart. I remember also that Divine Mother came at the end of the session with a beautiful pink rays. What a blessing it was and I am looking forward to the next one. Eleonora, Staten Island, USA.

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