Dancing with the White Whale -

A Journey Home to Love

By Eleana Oceanheart

Embodying the power and passion of our soul requires courage, perseverance and radical trust. When we give full expression to the deepest yearning of our soul, we begin to unearth the treasures of who we truly are: love. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted. Not only do we face the judgement of society for daring to be different, but we also have to confront our deepest shadows and fears. However, like the divers who harvest pearls, when we reach the ocean bed and finally crack open the shell, we are blessed with the gift of a pearlescent jewel, our true self. To know ourselves as simply love, beyond all our ego identifies and forms, is liberation.  

The White Whale is the story of Eleana Oceanheart’s extraordinary life, the quest of her soul to find “home”. Her friends and allies  are the Dolphins and Whales, in particular “Migaloo'' the magnificent Albino Humpback Whale. They englobe her in their guiding light of love, supporting her along the way.


With openness, depth and humour, Eleana shares her experiences from the first sparks of her awakening soul, to the fiery flames of transformation as she travels the globe; the dances that would shake, rattle and roll her into the full surrender of love.

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