The White Whale - Hope for Humanity 

By Eleana Oceanheart

"To truly live the power and passion of our soul requires courage, perseverance and radical trust. When we give full expression to the deepest yearning of our soul, we begin to unearth treasures - the recognition of who we truly are: love. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted. Not only do we face the judgement of society for daring to be different, but we also have to confront our deepest shadows and fears. However, like the pearl divers, when we reach the ocean bed and finally crack open the shell, we are blessed with the gift of this pearlescent jewel, our true self. To know ourselves, as simply love, beyond all our ego identifies and forms, is liberation."  

‘Migaloo’ is an albino Humpback whale who inhabits the Pacific Ocean. Named by the Aboriginal Elders, this 'White Whale' is said to herald the dawning of our New Earth. Through journeying with him for many years, Eleana Oceanheart has channelled his transmission by authoring this work.


Dolphins and whales have served an important role on the planet for over 50 million years, and are being called forth now more than ever. Their presence of love quite literally holds our beloved earth. Migaloo allows us to step into a new world, one grounded in unity consciousness, and love. His magical, crystalline energies weave throughout the book.

Eleana Oceanheart has a unique relationship to these fully conscious beings and through this autobiography offers readers powerful life-changing transmissions. We swim with Spotted dolphins in the Bahamas, kayak with the mighty Humpback whales in Maui and deeper into connection with dolphin and whale consciousness.

Not only is this a story of global healing and humanity, but this is the story of Eleana Oceanheart’s personal journey of awakening. A true explorer, she followed the deep yearnings of her soul across the globe as she experienced the highs and lows of transformation - dark nights of the soul, an obliterated ego to a heart blown wide open. Through her courage, perseverance and trust she was able to supersede a wide range of human challenges and situations illustrating that 'no mountain is too large'. She offers a light of hope to the reader. We can all experience liberation.

Eleana’s greatest journey was that through the Universe. During three days in a coma in Hawaii, her spirit travelled through the cosmos. On returning to her body, she was gifted not only with a profound experience of love but freedom from the asthma symptoms that had plagued her for over 10 years. Eleana addresses one of the most significant woundings we carry as humans; our first separation from source. As a star being, born in a faraway galaxy, fully anchoring here on earth has been her greatest challenge.

With great openness, depth and humour, Eleana illustrates how the journey of human awakening is both magical and mysterious, challenging and intense. She addresses many core issues of our time, offering the reader practical support, guidance and hope. She reminds us that everything on our journey, the good, the bad and the ugly is a choice made by the soul for deeper awakening - we are never victims. As Eleana exposes the universal dance between the light and dark, she reveals that as we centre in our hearts and anchor in our being, there is nothing to fear; love is truly the greatest power in the universe. 

So, right now, I invite you to stop for a moment, put down this book and breathe into your heart. Feel the presence of the mighty Migaloo in front of your heart. Allow yourself to receive this beautiful, iridescent light. Breathe deeply and let this energy move throughout your body anchoring you deeply with your heart, your body and the earth.


Eleana Oceanheart 2020

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