Eleana Oceanheart

Eleana Oceanheart is a Visionary Artist, Dancer and Writer with a passion for Dolphins & Whales. She's spent her life in deep communion with these fully conscious beings, both in the oceans of our planet and on the higher dimensional planes. They have been her friends and allies on an extraordinary journey of heart awakening and healing. 


Eleana is recognised globally for her Cetacean connection offering talks and workshops. She shows us, through example, their simple but profound teachings - how to live from the portal of our hearts, anchor more deeply within our body and bring fluidity, flow and joy into our daily lives. As the Masters of Love, their presence in the oceans, quite literally hold us and our beautiful planet in love. Eleana embodies both the lightness of the Dolphins together with the depth of the Whales - a potent combination. Through her work she brings people into connection with Dolphin & Whale Consciousness. 

My Dolphin Story

Since childhood I've had a profound connection with Dolphins and Whales. I grew up in a soulless new town in England, miles from the ocean, and yet these divine oceanic beings watched over me. They filled my dream state with their chirping sounds and frequencies, bringing a sense of comfort - of home. It wasn't until much later in my life, 35 years to be exact, that I had my first real life encounter with the Spotted Dolphins of The Bahamas. These were not the the graceful dances I had imagined. I was stung repeatedly with jellyfish and violently seasick, and yet from that moment on.....I was hopelessly in love!

From then on I spent my life travelling in pursuit of wild Dolphins and Whales. I might add, I am not a millionaire - trips would always magically manifest when the timing was right. My experiences include living on a sailboat in the Bahamas and winters months spent kayaking with the mighty Humpback Whales off the coast of Maui, Hawaii. Perhaps some of my most moving experiences have been with the Dolphin Ambassadors or Solitary Dolphins as they are called, those Dolphins that leave the POD and actively engage with us human folk.  

Being with Dolphins and Whales is one of the most magical and joyful experiences here on Earth. However, what I have come to learn in my more mature years, is that we don't have to be them in the physical to have these experiences. As multidimensional beings, their presence is available to us all wherever we may be on this planet. The key - become anchored in your heart and be open to receive their loving presence. 

'Dancing with Dolphins' was created for you to experience the essence of these divine oceanic beings, to awaken Dolphin & Whale Consciousness and activate the portal of the heart. 


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